Savage Gear Seeker ISP 8.7 cm

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Fr. 49 kr Rek. 69 kr
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Artikelnummer G-1383593
Varumärke Savage Gear
Längd på bete 87 mm
Antal i förpackningen 1 st
Familj Savage Gear Seeker ISP
Fiskart Havsabborre, Havsöring
Krokstorlek 4, 4/0
Flytegenskap Sjunkande
Typ av vatten Saltvatten, Sötvatten
Vikt 16 g
Länk till produktsida https://savage-gear.…..
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The Seeker lure is designed for Ultra distance casting. even in windy conditions – but the blade design allows the lure to swim very lively and erratic. with the most incredible 360-degree rotation on the slightest spin stop – creating an incredible flash in the water. Each lure comes with an Ultra sharp Savage Gear Y-treble and a wide gape beak point lure single hook. so the angler can choose which hook is best for the given condition. ISP = Intense Strike Point. by filling pre-drilled holes on the lure’s body with the strong night Glow and UV epoxy pasta. we have been able to create the most intense strike point you have ever seen! The Intense strike points draw in the Seatrout and Sea-bass. and they hit the lure hard right in the tail section where the hook is – ensuring a superb hookup rate.
• Super Long cast design
• 360 Rotation on spin stop
• ISP strike points
• Ultra sharp single and treble hooks supplied
• Superb catch rate