Illex Riser Bait 008 8 cm 1-pack

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Artikelnummer G-1385019
Varumärke Illex
Längd på bete 80 mm
Antal i förpackningen 1 st
Familj Illex Riser Bait
Krokstorlek 6
Flytegenskap Sjunkande
Typ av vatten Saltvatten, Sötvatten
Fiskedjup Ytfiske
Vikt 21.7 g
Länk till produktsida http://www.illex…..
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Illex Riser Bait 008 is a compact new-generation pencil bait. One innovation is the angle of the lip that generates erratic darting movements typical of a fleeing prey fish. The best way to work this lure is a straight retrieve. The lure will break the surface on faster retrieves or can be fished sub-surface on slower more controlled retrieves. Designed primarily as a bass lure for Japanese waters the key to the development of the RISERBAIT concept was recreating the action of a startled fish darting upwards towards the surface. The Riser Bait 008 size features a dorsal attachment point which helps reduce the chance of snagging up when fishing next to weedbeds and obstacles. A great lure for all your favourite predators-asp, perch, black bass, sea bass, jack mackerel, baby tarpon. The aerodynamic body design is a real advantage in strong winds or when you need to fish at extra-long range. This is an essential lure for accurate distance angling from shore or boat targeting sea or freshwater species. Fitted with Owner ST41 hooks.